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Fenin in figures

FENIN accounts for over 80% of sales relating to Health Technology in the Spanish market

10,1500 M €



Employment posts

4,297 M €


Key resources

Code of Ethics

Reflects the desire to improve the commitment to ethical practices in the Health Technology sector, and sets out a new model for interactions between stakeholders.

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Key areas for making the business framework more competitive and robust. An impressive portfolio of export companies and support for internationalization.

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We promote knowledge and nurture talent in the sector.

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Spanish Innovation Platform

A meeting point for organizations and institutions in the fields of research, development and innovation.

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Technology and Health Foundation

To highlight sector commitment to patients and the important role of Health Technology in healthcare management.

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The benefits of joining fenin

  • Become part of the business group which is working diligently to improve the health system and to develop new therapies and technologies for improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and patient quality of life.
  • Show your commitment to ethical practices and transparency by subscribing to the code of ethics shared by the Europe-wide Health Technology sector.
  • Take part in building a stable regulatory framework which ensures product safety and efficacy, and work towards sustainable public-sector contracting based on added value and healthcare outcomes.
  • Receive advice and training in areas relating to legal, technical, regulatory, contracting, technological profile, CSR, environment, innovation, export, etc. issues.
  • Add to society’s knowledge and understanding of health technology and its benefits, promoting better health among the population through prevention and self-care.
  • Give impetus to innovation and internationalization by participating in the Spanish Platform for Innovation in Health Technology, international trade fairs and missions.
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