Información general

Desde Fenin continuamos identificando la internacionalización y la innovación como aspectos claves en la puesta en valor de la tecnología sanitaria española. Ambos son factores de vital importancia en la competitividad y el fortalecimiento de nuestro tejido empresarial. Con el objetivo de potenciar la sinergia que se producen en ambas ámbitos, en Fenin se integran bajo un mismo departamento.


Facilitating and promoting cooperation between sector companies, organizations and institutions in the fields of research, development and innovation, with a view to improving their level of technology and therefore their competitiveness.

The main services offered are:

Participation in the development of R+D+i schemes with Public Administrations

Advice and support for obtaining aid and subsidies for R+D+i projects

Bringing together and coordinating R+D+i stakeholders

Publicizing the science and technology offered by the sector

Publicizing seminars and events relating to R+D+i

Publishing notices of grants for R+D+i projects

The Spanish Platform for Innovation in Health Technology, set up in 2009 with backing from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, is a teamwork forum spearheaded by industry which brings together all sector stakeholders (industry, research bodies, hospitals, scientific societies, central and Autonomous Community Governments) in a position to define the medium and long-term vision for drawing up a strategic road map for R+D+i in health technology.

Spanish Platform for Innovation in Health Technology

Plataforma Española Innovación Tecnología Sanitaria