General information

The CSR Committee was set up in 2008 and comprises company representatives and members of FENIN staff.

Aims of the CSR Committee:

To promote knowledge and voluntary implementation of CSR policies in health technology companies, raising awareness and providing information about regulations, activities and good practice, and publicizing the initiatives taken by FENIN and sector companies in CSR-related areas.

To strengthen their competitiveness and operate to the best of their abilities in the society of which they are part.

To encourage companies to take part in FENIN Social Action projects, to facilitate the implementation of social volunteering in the highest possible number of member companies and to give sector companies information on the initiatives and projects launched by different organizations.

As a member of the CSR Committee of CEOE, the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Associations, to assist with CEOE initiatives in this area, and to monitor the implementation of the National CSR Strategy and the work of the European Commission in this regard.

To draw up CSR notebooks. (link to CSR publications)

Each year, FENIN donates 0.7% of the income it receives from membership subscriptions to Not-for-Profit organizations.